Český Těšín

Town on the left riverside of the Olse river, one of the most significant border crossings with Poland. Contemporary shape of the town developed from the splitting of the ancestral Tesin to the Czech and the Polish side. After the First World War there were some territorial disputes which lately divided Tesin. The important monument of this town are the Novoghotic church of Nejsvetejsi Srdce Jezisovo from the end of 19th century, Evangelic church from 1932 or the building of local gymnasium, projected by J. Fragner. A matter of interest is a Swedish chapel, small early Baroque building from the end of 17th century, renewed in the beginning of 19th century. Or you can visit the museum of Tesin region which offers much important information about history and culture of this area.

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The town hall in Cesky Tesin The town hall in Cesky Tesin